Cuso Cuts – Cuso’s Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub – 5.0 oz


Maple and Bourbon are a barbecue match made in heaven. The caramel flavor profile in Cuso’s Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub pairs beautifully with fire-cooked food. It’s slightly sweet and smoky with a touch of savory. One of the best things about this rub is that you can use it on so many things.

  • Sprinkle on ribs and bacon.
  • Use it as a twist on your next batch of chicken wings.
  • Do you like game meat? Apply it to venison or elk.
  • Salmon loves this spice.
  • Use it as popcorn seasoning.
  • Treat inside the corn husk with a bit of butter.
  • And the coup de gras use it as the primary flavor in burnt ends (WOW)
  • Use it as a component in marinade recipes
  • Mix it with bourbon or beer for a luscious sauce.

You can buy Cuso’s Maple Bourbon Rub singly or as part of a four-pack that will keep your grill busy all season long.

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Weight 5.95 lbs

Cuso Cuts


5.0 oz


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